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 Founder /Executive Director 
         LaurieAnn Nelson,  is 54 years old and has 36 years of equine industries  experience, as well as corporate administration. She lives with her husband and animals on a small ranch in Montrose Colorado just below the Black Canyon National Park. Born and raised in Napa Valley above San Francisco, California. She ran a very successful Horseback Riding business with 3 stables and over 70 horses.  Voted the best State Park Horse Concessions in California.  Sonoma Cattle Company & Napa Valley Trail Rides, was a name synonymous with professional, safe, and exciting rides throughout the valleys. Retiring here in 1997, she continues to bring people and horses together in a nurturing environment.
"There is nothing so good for the inside of a man, as the outside of a horse."  MC Self

"My passion for people and horses has always been part of my life.  The chance to change someones life even if only for an hour is powerful. This could not be done without the assistance of our horses, beautiful hand raised and trained, they are the heart of the therapy, in what ever form, from Trail Riding  to Hippotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning  to  Driving.
"Here at MTRC, It is an honor to work in such an environment, with fellow experts, passionate professionals, horses , nature, and the amazing, inspiring individuals who visit and utilize our facility"

  Path, Intl Certified Riding Instructor
Linda Field
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                               The Board of Directors
       Jeanne Northrup, President, Black Canyon Ranch
       Tori Barker,Vice-President, BA Special Education
       Valerie Hudson, Secretary, Treasurer, BA, AA Psych Tech, Child development
       Larry Gordon, Chairman, BA, MA Educational Psychology
       Stephanie Shull, Officer, CNA, Vet Tech

                               The Advisory  Board
  Alette Brooks: Ph.D./MA. Educational Psychology(AutismSpecialist) #6869
          Head of Advisory Board,  Program Development and Grants.
  Micki Kintner: Licensed Occupational Therapist #AA201848
          Therapy Programs/Assessment   Advisor and on Staff
  John Shull:  DVM Equine Health Advisor and Staff Veterinarian

  Linda Field: PATH, Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor
                   Therapy Programs Advisor and on Staff

  LaurieAnn Nelson: Equine Expert, Sidewalker, and on Staff



                      Pictures and Bio's to Come...
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