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Montrose Therapeutic Riding Center
Program Descriptions                                              
  • Equine Assisted Learning: Offers individuals opportunities through interactions with equine companions to enhance life, social and communication skills.  Horses are non judgemental and provide "in the moment" feedback which allows individuals to experience immediate feedback from their equine partners.  Sessions are facilitated by a licensed OT, PT, or EAL certified instructor. As well as specially trained staff who have an understanding of both equine behavior and senses, and the interaction between the horse and the human. 


  • Hippotherapy:  Offers individuals a treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement as part of an integrated program to achieve functional outcomes. Treatment sessions are conducted by a licensed OT, PT, or speech-language therapist, as well as trainers who have extensive equine and people experience,  or Hippotherapy certification, through PATH, International. (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horseman)


  • Therapeutic Riding:  Offers individuals a treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement and reaction, through riding instruction, as part of an individual plan.  Independent riding is used to  achieve cognitive, physical  and emotional outcomes. Treatment sessions are conducted by our PATH, International ( Professional Association of Therapeutic Horseman) Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Linda Field.


  • Please Call for Session Dates, Prices, and Reservations. ( 970-240-6007)


        Thank You Veterans for our Freedom, now let our hooves be your wings...


  • Family Support Groups: We are forming focus groups, and support groups now.  We understand the importance of reaching out to all of those who support individuals with challenges.
  • Wounded Warrior Program:  'Welcome Home Montrose'. Veterans Thank You for your volunteer assistance and great spirits...It is our honor to serve you !
  • School and Youth Programs: Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club, Montrose High School, Browns Center, Hilltop Kids Programs, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America. EAGALA, learning to know your horse.   
  • Community Service Programs:  Welcome Home Montrose ,  Montrose High School, 4Th of July Downtown Celebration, Main in Motion, Western Slope Rural Philanthropy Days, Mountain Man Festival, Farmers Market, Downtown Montrose

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THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERY                                INDIVIDUAL AND BUSINESS THAT HAS HELPED THE           TEAM AT MTRC                                                                                                           
1. Thank You Jeanne & Willy, and Black Canyon Ranch for your generous                  donation..                                                                                                                    
  2. Thank You Penny, and Walsh Quarter Horses for your kind donation.                   
3. Thank You  Elk Ridge Trail Rides for donating your loving horses                           
4. Thank You All Volunteers who have, donated their time, and                              
helped MTRC  become the most popular event with our veterans from
 Welcome Home Montrose. Melanie & JB
we couldn't have done this without you ..
channel 5 KREX clip Facebook                                   
5.  Thank You  John & Linda Field for your time, and  expertise.                                
6.  Thank You Brent, Ron, Tim, Augie, John, Fred  and                                               
   HOME DEPOT    for our beautiful wheelchair ramp at MTRC , so many will benefit from your generosity  and kindness !!                                                         
7. Thank You, Double J Disposal   Amber, Rachel, and Louie  for your                         generous donation for our No Barriers week.                                                          
8. Thank You Jim Pavlich Montrose High School   
 Jiarasin, Nick, &   Tyler
what a great job with the Wounded Warriors                                                                      
Thank You to,  Joey Colorado Mesa University for the   generous donation   of 
  a classroom  for    our  Autism Lecture 

                              Benefit BBQ      by                Double J Disposal & RJ's Steakhouse was a Great Success! We raised the monies for our ADA Toilet and more!! Thank You everyone who donated their Time-Money-Expertise-Love-Generosity and attendees...from MTRC , Clients, Veterans , kiddos and adults "ThankYou" for making this possible!!!  We are only as good as the shoulders that we stand/ride on...Happy Trails new friends! 
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